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James V. Culberson
He Loved His Wife
e1946s.jpg - 12803 Bytes
He loved his family
hamburgs.jpg - 32349 Bytes
Even when
motherks.jpg - 14480 Bytes
the kids fussed.
goppopsm.jpg - 34298 Bytes
He loved parties
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He loved being his own boss.
He looked at the worldpopbldgs.jpg - 23305 Bytes
through a camera lens.
He loved taking photos.
Especially of dear friends.
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Jim Glass
glasssm.jpg - 15868 Bytes
Jim Glass
sadfreds.jpg - 12400 Bytes
Fred DuBose
freds.jpg - 14283 Bytes
Fred Dubose
Jack Boynton,
boyntons.jpg - 18269 Bytes
In his studio.
Bill Saylor,
saylors.jpg - 12165 Bytes
In his studio.
Charles Schorre,
schorres.jpg - 25402 Bytes
In his studio.
Jim Love and friends,
jloves.jpg - 13551 Bytes
In his studio.
Bill Wolfhagen,
wolfhags.jpg - 14774 Bytes
portrait of a photographer.
He loved the city,
housbs.jpg - 32386 Bytes
Houston, c. 1965,
deerkdss.jpg - 11050 Bytes
silly critters.
He was dedicated to his
work and spent long hours
making sure it was as good
as he thought it should be.
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Over the years his talent -jtower1s.jpg - 19643 Bytes - served many others.jtower2s.jpg - 21128 Bytes nixonlgs.jpg - 16262 Bytes hueys.jpg - 19569 Bytes
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He did love politics.
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Image J&J Graphics
All Rights Reserved
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He once ran for precinct chair.
His love of politics rubbedjacfencs.jpg - 15309 Bytes
off on his son, John.
Who, after serving 14 jaclogos.jpg - 17533 Bytes
years as a State Rep., went
on to serve in Congress.
When he wasn't drawing,lucyeles.jpg - 10760 Bytes
he was taking a photo.
He liked strange buildings
like this one.
He went for the inventive
popnlafs.jpg - 6373 Bytes
camera angle.
His love of family drove him.
Here are his parents c.1927
edgrjens.jpg - 16991 Bytes
Edgar and Genevieve Dooley.
After his dad died in 1930cousinys.jpg - 24883 Bytes
young Jim went to live
with an aunt, uncle and cousins.
They remained close throughout life.
cousinss.jpg - 25328 Bytes
jvcshors.jpg - 26063 Bytes
and drew this cartoon.
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Dear Papa,
We sure miss you.
The Family

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