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   Every business needs ideas and advertising to promote it's products or services.
   Since the agency's creation the aim of J&J Graphics has been to meet those needs in the most efficient and economical fashion possible while providing each customer with exactly the advertising, layout and design they need to rev up their business. We do not spend a potential clients valuable time with lengthy, unnecessary sales pitches trying to convince them of our creative abilities.
   You can click here to see some of what we can do or just browse through this site.
   We provide prompt, personal service and see each job through from inception to the final output at the printers.
   Your needs are our concern.
   We listen to our customer's needs carefully and supply ideas we've learned from our combined 60 years in the industry. Customer satisfaction and visually attractive, persuasive advertising for reasonable prices are our goals. Good advertising and marketing doesn't have to cost a fortune. We can see to your simplest or most complicated advertising and marketing needs in a timely, cost effective fashion. We do in-house photography. Please call us at 321-727-0801 for a free consultation.
   Jim's involvement with the graphics, printing and photography fields since 1966 and Jan's involvement with the graphics industry since 1981 has provided us with a strong background.
   In business for ourselves in the Melbourne area since July, 1989 we always work hard to provide the best in service and prices to our customers.
   Our experience includes the layout, design and production of visual communications as diverse as:

   Package design
   Trade Show Graphics
   Creative Copywriting
   Flyers, Folders and Brochures
   Database Creation and Management
   Corporate Identities
   Political Campaigns
   Photo Restoration
   Technical Manuals
   Mailing Envelopes
   Business Cards
   Event Graphics
   Web Sites

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